Why Breeding Of A2 genotype Bhartiya indigeneous Govansh is essential?

Once upon a time availability of milk even to small & young children, pregnant woman & old person was a big challenge in our country.

To overcome this crisis & to augment the milk production in India, Government had initiated following steps:-

1. By establishing district wise milk federations,
2. By establishing Dairy Plants in each district
3. By establishing Milk collection centers in each villages.

This Motivated the farmers to keep cattle’s in their villages.

But the major challenge was increasing production from A2 genotype Indigenous Cow breeds, which are popularly known as DESI COWS. but unfortunately Cross breeding of A2 genotype Indians Cows started with A1 genotype European Breeds Like HF & JERSY through Artificial Insemination Technology System.

This Process had resulted diminishing Population of A2 genotype Bhartiya Breeds of Cows,Calf’s & Bulls though we have very good variteties of milking breeds like GIR, SAHIWAL, THARPARKAR, RED SINDHI, RATHI, KANKREJ

The demand for A2 milk is gradually increasing day by day in the national & international market because A2 genotype Indian breed of cows & bulls are having following unique Characteristics:-

* A2 genotype Indigenous Bhartiya Breeds of Cows & Bulls have HUMP which helps in producing BCM-7 Free milk.

* This also help in producing Gold in Cow Milk, Cow Urine & Cow Dung.The HUMP are also helpful for male calf’s in ploughing field.

* A2 genotype Indigenous Bhartiya Breeds of Cows are tolerant to heat & can tolerate up to 50 degree Celsius & remain healthy.

* A2 genotype indigenous Bhartiya Cows have small UDDER, hence mastitis disease is uncommon.

* A2 genotype Indigenous Bhartiya Breed of govansh body size is small to medium. hence the food intake is also low.

* A2 genotype Indigenous govansh are having capability to repel flies, mosquitoes e.t.c. & remain clean. on the other hand, European Breed of Cows Like HF, JERSY etc. remains dirty. due to which attract flies & mosquitoes etc.

To Start the A2 genotype Indigenous(DESI) Bhartiya Cows, Calf’s & Bull based BREEDING & MILK YIELD FARM/GOSHALA, We Provide Following Services:-

  1. Conceptual Consultancy.
  2. Coordinating & Arranging Supply of A2 genotype Milking breed of Indigenous (Desi) Cows, Calf’s & Bulls.
  3. Operational Consultancy.
  4. Technological Tie-up.
  5. Preparation of Economically Viable Projects Reports.


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